Nightly Homework

  • There are a few things I would like your child to do every night.

    1. Read for 15 minutes.  Your child can choose the book they bring home from school, a library book, or any books you already own. I encourage them to reread familiar books to improve their fluency. 

    2. Rocket Math- Your child will bring home their rocket math notebook every night.  This should only take 3 minutes!! They should read each fact aloud with the correct answer.  DO NOT write the answers in the book, they just need to give answers orally.

    3. Review word wall words.  Each Monday six word wall words will come home with your child on a half sheet of paper.  These are the words of the week that they will need to know how to spell, read, and write.  Ask them to show you the chants that go with them.  Some examples are the sprinkler, disco dancer, and the robot.