• We will set many personal goals in reading this year.  One goal we all have in common is to grow as a reader.  We work on our reading all day long, in all subject areas. 

    We work on adding to our schema of word parts and meaning through our Words Their Way block where we explore Targeted Vocabulary, Prefixes and Suffixes, as well as Spelling Patterns.

    We also add to our reading strength through learning and practicing reading strategies that align with the Common Core with a Balanced Reading approach through texts at our instructional level with teacher support, or our "just right" level.  To make us complete readers, we read and respond to a wide variety of genres of texts.  To continue to differentiate, we work in a variety of different setups ranging from whole class, small group, partner reading, to independent reading. 

    We continue to practice our strategies during Self Selected Reading in our "just right" level books.  We later share with our class books we are reading and strategies that have helped us out.