How Parents Can Help Their Child at Home

    What Can Parents Do to Help at Home?
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    Below is a listing of what we are learning in third grade right now.  Use this information to review with your child at home.  Ask your child questions about science or social studies topics.  Lastly, incorporate math into every day activities.
    Math -   We are about to start multiplication and addition.  Students should master math facts in all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) by the end of the year.   Please consider getting flashcards for your child or using the Xtra Math site listed below.   If you need log in information, please contact me.

    ELA -  Please make sure your child read's each night for 30 minutes.  Research has shown the more students read, the better at reading they become.   
    Social Studies/Science -  We just completed our first science cycles and traits.   Next up is social studies.  We will be working on geography - maps and globes.



    As always, you can have your child practice skills using the websites I have listed under the resources page of my website.