Things to Know

  • Teachers and Subjects
    I will be your teacher for Reading and Math.  Mrs. Griffin will teach Writing, Mrs. Ranalli will teach Social Studies, and Mrs. Wright will teach Science.  We will be switching classes everyday.

    Please feel free to contact me by phone at 677–3250 ext 4058 or by email at  Often it is easier to reach me by email as I check regularly from home.  

    Our special schedule:
    Monday: Music at 9:20, Gym at 10:00
    Tuesday: Gym at 9:20, Art at 10:00
    Wednesday: Music at 9:20
    Thursday: Gym at 9:20
    Friday: Library at 9:20

    Other scheduled activities:
    • Lunch: 1:00-1:35
    • Recess: Fridays 1:35-2:00
    • Orchestra - Wednesday at 2:40-3:20
    • Band -  Wednesday at 2:40-3:20
    • Chorus - Thursday 2:35-3:15
    • Good attendance is important in fifth grade.  It is not always possible to send all lessons home to be made up.  Do your very best to be in school every day.  If you are ill and miss school, your work will be collected for you by a classmate and will be waiting for you upon your return to school.  Parents may also make arrangements to have your work sent home with a sibling or friend.  Arrangements may also be made to pick up your work at the main office at the end of the day.  Please remember, you are responsible for making up any assignments missed during your absence.  Extended time may be given to complete work based on the length of your absence.
    • If you miss instruction during the school day for any reason it is your responsibility to seek out and make up any missed work.  Being out of the classroom for any pull-out lesson is not an excuse for missing notes or not making up work completed while you were out of the classroom.  Please be responsible and ask a classmate to keep track of what you missed, or ask your teacher for assistance.

    Snacks in the Classroom
    • Healthy snacks and water bottles will be allowed in class.  Please do not bring beverages other than water.  Reusable water bottles may be filled at school, but please take these bottles home each night to be washed properly.
    • Snacks in the classroom are meant to hold you over between breakfast and our assigned lunchtime.  Breakfast should be eaten at home so that your valuable morning time is used to prepare yourself and your supplies for the day.  (Don’t plan on eating your snack for breakfast, and don't plan on eating your lunch for a snack.) 
    • WE ARE A PEANUT FREE room.  Expect letters from the school nurse detailing acceptable snacks.  Thanks for your understanding. 

    • Planners will be used this year to help keep students, parents, and teachers connected.  The purpose of the student planner is to teach organizational skills and responsibility.  Planners provide a consistent daily routine for communication between home and school.
    • Homework assignments will be recorded daily in our planners along with occasional correspondence from your teachers.  Parents are also encouraged to jot down any messages for their child’s teachers in the planners as they will be checked daily in homeroom.
    • Parents - please sign nightly!  It is imperative that parents read over each night’s assignments and sign the planner after they have seen the night’s completed work.  It is the responsibility of the student to make sure homework is completed and his/her planner is signed nightly.  If students, parents, and teachers are all aware of the daily assignments as recorded in the planners, it greatly improves chances for success.  Planners will be used to notify parents of incomplete or missing homework assignments.

    • Reading - 30 minutes minimum, nightly.
    • Students will also have Math as nightly homework.  Homework is meant as a review of the day's lesson.  If you or your parents have difficulty with any of the concepts on the homework, please let me know.  Online resources, a Math textbook, and asking for help will lead to success.
    • From time to time, there will be Writing, Science, and Social Studies homework.
    • Timely notice will be given for all tests and quizzes.  Plan on studying nightly.


    Going Outside
    • Recess will follow lunch on most days.  If the weather is cooperating, we will head outside to the playground.   I love the fresh air, and plan on going out through all types of weather.  Please dress accordingly and wear sneakers for optimal play.

    Room Parent
    As you may know, lots of activities are planned for Fifth Grade this year as it is the students' last year at West Elementary.  Watch for news about chances to volunteer.

    Classroom Rules

    Our classroom rules are more than rules for the classroom, they are rules for a happy and successful life.  These rules are as follows:
    Respect others.
    Be polite and helpful.
    Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself.
    Be on time and have all materials prepared and ready as you enter class.
    Follow directions when they are given. 
    Be a positive role model for others.
    Follow and respect all school rules.
    If you keep these rules in mind as you make your choices and decisions, you will have a successful school year!  

    Please review the school policy pages in the Planner.  This will be assigned for homework during the first full week of school.  You will also receive a handout called Behavior Expectations to be signed and returned to school.

    I look forward to having a great school year with you and your families!

    Ms. MacPeek