Teacher Resources

  • West Elementary Library  

    Common Core Unit Resources


    Here are the resources that were supplied by Anne Botticelli.  I have them organized by topic.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.



    1.) Lit2Go -this resource supplies online e-books and poetry that are broken down by chapter and verse, you can search these materials by grade level

    2.) Project Gutenberg -this resource supplies access to free publications of classic novels and poetry in e-book form

    3.) Lexile -this is a searchable resource for finding lexile levels, you can find the level of a specific title or cut and paste a text sample to find its readability



    1.) NASA for Kids- this resource explores space travel and science in a student friendly format


    Social Studies

    1.) EyeWitness to History -this resource provides audio, video, and paintings of historical events, great resource for primary resources

    2.) BBC Schools- this resource offers historical documents, films, and interactive games

    3.) Time for Kids- news articles and information on historical events

    4.) National Geographic for Kids- a companion to the magazine, this resources highlights locations around the world