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    Imagine It! Recycling


    Once again, the West Elementary PTA is collecting empty printer cartridges, small portable electronics, and cell phones as an on-going fundraiser. This program is FREE, simple, and easy because there is nothing to sell, no paperwork involved, and no deadline. Last year, this program raised $300 that went towards our students and teachers.

    Simply save the cartridges from your home printer and send those to school with your child along with any used small portable electronics and cell phones. The collection bins can be found in the main foyer area. If you work for a business that is using laser or inkjet printer cartridges or cell phones, please inquire as to what is done with those items once they are used. It is totally FREE for a business to host an Imagine It bin and the funding can be designated to benefit West Elementary.

    Our school would love to have your employer as a business supporter.Imagine It offers FREE recycling bins and displays, FREE pick-ups and logistical support, FREE detailed donation records and sustainability reports, and FREE employee handouts to all businesses that collect cartridges and cell phones on our behalf. Imagine It even offers a data security guarantee that all personal or proprietary information will be deleted or destroyed in house!

    We realize that many office supply stores and other businesses are giving a discount or coupon in exchange for the cartridges and cell phones. Please consider sending your used cartridges, cell phones, small electronics, and laptops to the school instead of using them to receive this discount. The funding for the school is very much appreciated since our budgets continue to be cut each year. Be part of a Win-Win-Win Solution for the Earth, Community, and Charity!

    To find out more about our cartridge and cell phone collection, please contact Stephanie Wilkinson at 716-803-9043.

    Our school greatly appreciates your support of this program. Together we can do a world of good!

    Thank You,

    West Elementary PTA


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