• Pen and paper

    Students will write homework assignments in their agendas daily. Please check and sign your child's agenda each night.  Parents may write notes to the teacher in the agenda. I may write notes to you as well. Other important information and dates will be written in the agenda.  I will check the agenda every morning to see that it was signed by a parent. 


    Reading:  Students are expected to read daily for 20 minutes.  Parents must sign in the agenda to indicate that reading was done for that night.  Over the weekend, choose 1 night to read (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).  Reading time is flexible.  Your child may read silently a book of their choice, you may read a book out loud to your child, your child can read a book out loud to you or to a younger sibling.  The purpose of this reading time should be to enjoy reading with your child.  I have decided to NOT have students fill out a homework reading log this year.  I hope that by removing that task, the reading time becomes more enjoyable and fosters a love of reading. 

    Math:  Students will have math homework almost every day.  Usually the homework will be a "reteaching" page.  Prior to a test, students will complete review questions from their text books on a sheet of loose leaf paper.  *These review questions will be VERY close to the questions on the actual test.* Parents are allowed and encouraged to help their children with the math homework.  This should be a time when your child can share what they are learning in school with you.  Homework is not graded in the traditional sense.  I will check it for effort.  Assignments are expected to be completed by the next school day. 

    Science and Social Studies:  Occasionally students will have homework in science and social studies.  Usually it will be to study for a test or quiz. 

    Other:  Classwork not completed in class will be sent home for homework.  When students are absent, work will also be sent home.  If you are able to pick-up work when your child is absent, please email or call early in the morning and I will get it ready for you.