Behavior Rainbow




    Mrs. Leffler’s Classroom Behavior Plan


    Remember, YOU are in control of what you think, say and do.  YOU make your own choices.  Before you act, stop and think about the best choice you can make.


    Behavior Rainbow

    Red- Outstanding


    Orange- Great Job


    Yellow- Ready to Learn (this is where you will start the day)


    Green- Make a Better Choice (warning)


    Blue- Teacher’s Choice (loss of privilege, seat moved, apology letter, etc.)


    Purple- Contact home (YOU will either call home or write a letter home explaining the choices YOU made)


    You can move up and down the rainbow throughout the day.  You will move down the rainbow if you choose not to follow our classroom mission statement and rules.  You will move up the rainbow for making excellent choices and being a leader.  Your color at the end of the day will be stamped in your agenda for parents to see.  Parents must sign your agenda every day.