Writers' Workshop

  • Writers Workshop

    Writers' Workshop has a similar format to Readers' Workshop.  It begins with a brief instructional lesson with the whole class, time for students to write, and then ends up with a sharing time.  Students are thinking about writing, talking about writing, reading about writing, but mostly...  doing the writing during this time!  Writing Workshop includes instruction through shared, interactive, or independent writing, writing process, and grammar.

    Structure of our Writers' Workshop


    • <align="left"> Teacher instructs the whole class on a skill, strategy, or habit that students need to learn and use during independent writing.
    • <align="left"> Mini-lesson connects to a previous lesson, ongoing unit of study, student work or student experience.
    • <align="left"> Teaching point is stated clearly and demonstrated or modeled.  Students are actively engaged in trying out the skill or strategy, watching a demonstration, or planning work out loud.

    Independent Writing

    • <align="left"> Students independently write on topic of their own choice. A portion of the time also may be for partners to discuss their writing.
    • <align="left"> Teacher has brief instructional conferences with a few individual students or group of students.

    Wrap up/share 

    • <align="left"> A few students may share a strategy they used in their writing. Some teachers have volunteers sign up for sharing, others select students to share that day.