Writer's Workshop



    Writer's Workshop 

    What is writer's workshop?

    Writer's workshop is a student-centered framework for teaching writing that is based on the idea that students learn to write best when they write daily, for extended periods of time, on topics of their own choosing. 

    To develop skills as a writer, students need three things: ownership of their own writing, guidance from an experienced writer, and support from other learners. The writing workshop framework meets these needs and streamlines instruction in order to meet the most important objective: giving kids time to write. The workshop setting supports children in taking their writing seriously and viewing themselves as writers. 

    The three main parts of writing workshop are the mini-lesson, writing/conferring time, and sharing. There is no time limit for each assignment.  Every child moves at their own pace.

    In our district Kindergarten are formally exposed to three different  types of writing:                                                                         

         Narrative             Persuasive                 How-To

              In our classroom, we also dabble in some letter writing and poetry!!

                          Our Workshop Units:

    Launching The Writer's Workshop

    Writing For Readers

    How-To Books:Writing To Teach Others

    Persuasive Writing of All Kinds: Using Words To Make Changes