Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can I upgrade my iPad?

    We recommend that you upgrade to IOS version 12.0.  The District IT Department will notify you about further updates once we have tested them.  
    To upgrade navigate to "Settings"
    Select "General"
    Select "Software Updates"
    Once you update your device you may notice some minor changes in its operation.  
    (More detailed instructions in PDF below.) How to Update your IOS - PDF

    2. Not all of my Emails are showing in the Mail program?

    By default the iPad email program will only show one week of email.  You can adjust this setting by performing the following: 
    Navigating to "Settings"
    Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
    Select your email account.(unless you customized this, the name will be "Exchange")
    Select "Mail Days to Sync"
    (More detailed instructions in PDF below.) Setting up email on iPad - PDF

    3. How can I reset my PassCode?

    The passcode is the code that you are prompted to enter whenever you turn on or wake up your iPad. You are required to have a passcode on your iPad.  Your passcode should not be the same as a bank pin or any other sensitive ID.  The district currently requires a minimum of 4 characters (this may change in the future).  The longer the code the more secure it is.  
    If you are projecting from your iPad, please be cognizant of not entering any passcode/passwords while visible to others.
    To modify navigate to "Settings"
    Select "Passcode"
    (More detailed instructions in PDF below.) Setting up an iPad Passcode - PDF

    4. Why are some of the websites/apps I go to on the iPad blocked? Click to see how to bypass the block


    5. I forgot my Apple ID Password?

    If you forgot your Apple ID password or have another issue with your Apple ID we are limited on what the District IT Department can do to assist you.  It is an Apple ID not a West Seneca Schools ID.  Please call Apple Education Support at 1-800-800-2775.  Make sure to inform them that you are calling about a district supplied iPad.  As it is Education Support.

    6. How to find the app link? Click here to download the instructions


    7. How can I make an iPad App Request?

    This process is now a function of the Curriculum Cabinet. Please visit the Curriculum Cabinet site for contact information.

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