More apps and more apps.

  • Again- I get my apps on I Tunes and after tinkering with an I pod or tablet or on the recommendation of other staff, students or my family (especially my daughter). I will continue to list ones that I seem to like.


    Some favorites are:

    • Translator (foreign languages)
    • Mad Libs(parts of speech, writing, creative thinking)
    • Math Board(math drills)
    • Webster's Dictionary
    • Weather Channel
    • Crayola (art box...there are so many for crayola)
    • Shazam (for music)
    • Monster High (my daughter loves these- lots of sequence, hand eye and memory skills plus she gets to play with all her favorite ghouls)
    • Oz, The Great and Powerful (hidden pictures, visual perceptual, memory skills)
    • Are you smarter than a 5th grader? (Lots of trivia in all the subjects)
    • Frozen Free Fall (picture match/visual perceptual, problem solving, dexterity)
    • Disney learn to draw and art programs



    I also like Sheppardsoftware,, and

Variety of apps