Email ActiveSync Form

  •  Please note that at the current time only Apple iOS (Phone, iPod Touch and iPad), Android, and Windows Mobile Smartphones can use our Exchange ActiveSync service to receive West Seneca Central School District (WSCSD) Emails. Blackberry devices have limited functionality.

    In addition, we need verification that you will adhere to our mobile device security guidelines.
    Please be aware that WSCSD IT Group can only offer limited support of personal mobile devices. The IT Group can not help configure personal internet email accounts nor help backup the contents.
    This verification can be done by reading the guidelines and then completing and submitting the information at the bottom of this page.

    Email Synchronization Acknowledgement Form - ActiveSync & Blackberry

    Please be reminded that employees are responsible for district related confidential information stored on portable electronic devices. Employees will assume full responsibility for any data breach that occur secondary to their disregard of IT Security guidelines. (See HIPAA & FERPA Regulations)
    If you receive WSCSD confidential information then you must use an encryption capable mobile device.
    If you decide to access WSCSD email services using your mobile device, you must agree to the following:
    1. If your mobile device supports built in or third party encryption of data in transit and while at rest (on the device), it must be used. Any additional cost for enabling encryption is the responsibility of the user.
    2. The WSCSD Help Desk (716-677-3832) will be notified as soon as the mobile device is lost or stolen so that a remote data wipe command can be sent to the device.
    3. You will agree to password protect your mobile device.
    4. During the initial synchronization process, ALL personal information on mobile devices MAY be
    deleted. You must backup any Contact, Calendar or other information on your mobile device before the mobile device is configured for ActiveSync. West Seneca Central School District is NOT liable for any lost information on your personal mobile device.
    5. You are using West Seneca Central School District’s ActiveSync service voluntarily and are
    responsible for your own (appropriate) data service on your mobile device. The District will NOT
    reimburse you for any portion of your data plan fees.
    6. You will agree that upon separation of service from West Seneca Central School District, your mobile device may be automatically wiped. This will potentially delete all data stored on the mobile device (including any information stored on memory cards.)
    I acknowledge that I have read and understood the limitations with utilizing the ActiveSync service to connect my mobile device to the West Seneca Central School District Email system.
    Name (Print): ____________________________________________
    Signature: _________________________________________________
    Date: _____________________________________________________
    Rev 1.1

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