Classroom Rules

  • Within our classroom, we follow and enforce the following rules in addition to the school rules. Rules for our classroom are:

    * Wait your turn.

    *Follow directions and listen carefully.

    *Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    *Stay in your assigned area.

    *Quiet voices. (Use an inside voice and keep comments and noises to yourself.)

    *Respect others. (Be kind in all that you say and do.)

    *Leave the room only if you are given permission.

    *Walking feet in the rooms and hallways.

    The above rules are clearly posted in the front of our classroom and reviewed often.

    In addition to our rules, we encourage our students to remain "positive". If they tend to use negative comments about themselves or others, we encourage them to give us " 3 positive comments to the 1 negative."

Classroom Rules