Supply List



    School Supply List:


    3 Boxes #2 Pencils (sharpened)


    3  Boxes Kleenex


    Pencil Box


    2 box Ziploc bags (gallon size)




    12 boxes Ziploc bags (quart size)


    20 Glue Sticks


    3 boxes of colored pencils (12 count)


    3 Boxes of crayons (24 count)/(no markers)


    1 pair of earphones (dollar store has them) (Please label)


    1 bottle of White School Glue


    4 dry erase markers (low odor)


    Money for academic planner ($1.00)


    Water Bottle (Re-useable ) Please Label (no glass- water spout on bottle to keep from spilling)


    2 socks (to be used as dry erase eraser)


    Lunch Room activity books (puzzle books, coloring book etc)


    School Bag (to be brought-DAILY)

    (NO wheeling bags please)


    Money for TAKE HOME Folder ($1.00) (if you were here last year, I collected yours)


    Supplies to “freshen up” (after gym or as needed)- deodorant, brush (no spray or powders)


    Extra set of clothes to keep in locker (emergency clothes...please include extra socks and underwear)


    4 small erasers


    1 highlighter


    (1)    2 inch wide- 3 Ring Heavy Duty Binder with Clear Cover

    **reuse the one from last year***


    1 set of 8- Tab Dividers for Binder

    (reuse the ones from last year if they are in good shape.)


    (2) 2 Pocket Plastic Folder with Paper Fasteners


    2 rolls  of paper towel


    1 pencil manual pencil sharpener



    Students will need to bring in a daily snack and/or beverage for themselves to help tide themselves over till lunch time. In the past, parents have occasionally sent in snacks to share with all the students. Please feel free to send in these items to share. We will also keep you posted as to if there are allergies that we may need to share. If you decide to send in a bag of snacks for your child to have for the week, we kindly ask for you to send it in a airtight plastic container .Since our classroom takes part in occasional cooking any donations of napkins, paper plates or juices are greatly appreciated. Your donations of these items help to make our cooking activities a success. We will also occasionally send home requests for other cooking supplies throughout the year.

    In addition to the above supplies, please fill out the attached paper work and return to school on the first day.



    Student Information Sheet


    Emergency information card

School House and School bus with students

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