Mrs. Hudson's Homework Policy


      Your child will have homework every night!  If for some reason they have some extra time and need extra practice please check out the "Links" page. 



      Please check your child's homework then sign your child's planner every night! 



      Why is homework assigned?

    Homework is important because it helps  reinforce what was learned in class, it prepares students for upcoming lessons, and it teaches responsibility while developing positive study habits.

     What are the student's responsibilities regarding homework?


    • Keep your homework planner organized and up to date.
    • Take home necessary books, papers, etc, in order to complete the assignment.
    • Plan out a time to complete the assignment, especially if it is to be carried out over several days or weeks.
    • Do your best work, be neat and accurate.
    • Ask someone for help if you are unsure or stuck, if you still  can't figure it out, circle the problem and I will help you the next day.
    • Show completed homework to a parent and have any necessary forms signed.
    • Pack completed homework in backpack so it will be turned in on time.


     What are the parent's responsibilities regarding homework?


    • Make homework a top priority and a POSITIVE experience.
    • Set aside daily homework time, provide a quiet work environment and necessary supplies, create a "Homework Basket" with pens, pencils, crayons, glue stick, ruler scissors etc.
    • Provide guidance if your child is unsure or stuck.
    • Check completed work for neatness and best effort.
    • Sign any required forms in your child's homework folder.
    • Contact Mrs. Hudson with any questions or concerns regarding assignments.


     What are the teacher's responsibilities regarding homework?


    • Regularly correct or review homework in class.
    • Make sure students code corrected papers; codes are glued in your child's planner.
    • Address any questions or misunderstandings regarding assignments.
    • Adjust assignments as necessary for individual students.
    • Be flexible with individual needs.
    • Highlight missing assignments in planner to inform parents of incomplete assignments.
    • Respond to student or parent questions or concerns.


     What happens if a student does not complete the assignment(s)?


    • Teacher will highlight missing assignments in the students planner.
    • Missing work will either be completed that day during recess or that evening.
    • Students will bring their completed late homework  back to school the next day.
    • If there is a legitimate reason why a student is unable to finish an assignment (illness, family emergency, etc.), please send in a note the next day stating the reason and adjustments will be made.