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  • Beyond Baby Talk: From Speaking to Spelling: A Guide to Language and Literacy Development for Parent

    by Kenn Apel & Julie J. Masterson Year Published: 2014

    Guide your child to effective communication with this fully updated handbook.

    Language is about so much more than just words, and healthy communication is the foundation of your child’s ability to succeed emotionally, socially, and academically. The first eight years of life are a critical period of language and literacy development, and as a parent, you are your child’s primary role model as he or she begins to acquire speaking, reading, and writing skills. And yet, you may be uncertain of what constitutes typical language progress and of what activities and practices will enhance your child’s learning experiences the most. Fully revised and updated for our modern times, Beyond Baby Talk is here to guide you through the easiest and most engaging ways to instill strong communication skills in your child, and to provide fun for you both along the way.
    Inside, you’ll find all of the essential steps and checkpoints to help you gauge your child’s progress, as well as easy methods to:
    • Evaluate and monitor your child’s spoken language development
    • Enhance your child’s literacy skills for improved spelling, reading, and writing abilities
    • Understand and navigate environmental influences on language development such as television, texting, and cultural slang
    • Recognize the signs of language and literacy progress problems—and know when to seek professional help

    In collaboration with and copyrighted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

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  • Make the Connection

    by Susan Berkowitz Year Published: 2018

    This book is for all of those parents of nonverbal children (with autism and other severe language disorders) and professionals who want to “get it right,” but need the guidance to get there. We know that collaboration between school and home is a significant component in the lives of students who use picture-based communication. The information and ideas in this book are not unique; they are things I have learned over the past 40 years from articles, books, seminars and most importantly, from my students. Much of this information is available elsewhere, but not in this unique format. What I have tried to do is to curate the ideas in a way that cuts away the jargon, the discussion of research protocols; leaving all but the basic information and strategies, both groups need.

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  • Talking With Tech

    by Betsy Furler Year Published: 2017

    Help Your Child Say I Love You!

    Children and adults who struggle to communicate are often frustrated and depressed. As parents and caregivers, we long to know what they have to say! An iPad or tablet with a communication (AAC) app can help them communicate! Some children are nonverbal meaning they cannot use verbal speech to communicate with others. This can be caused by autism, cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, hearing loss and many other disorders. Adults often struggle with verbal speech after a stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s and other diseases. Other children have some verbal speech but they are unable to functionally communicate. AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) can help! This book focuses on using technology such as iPads, iPhones and tablets for communication. Technology has improved so much and AAC devices and apps are cheaper and more accessible than ever before. The book also describes apps that will strengthen your child or loved one’s ability to access AAC on a touchscreen but these skills aren't needed before they start communicating.
    This book is designed to get your child communicating with AAC. If your child is currently using an AAC app but isn't making great progress or if your child hasn't started with a communication app yet, this book will help you lead your child through the steps of communicating with the device.
    This book is also great for speech therapists, educators, grandparents and others who love someone who is nonverbal.
    This book was written with children in mind but is also very helpful for caregivers of adults who struggle with verbal speech.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...


    • Types of AAC
    • Apps That Encourage AAC
    • Sample Therapy Goals
    • Sample Early Communication Boards
    • Choosing An AAC System
    • AAC Accessories
    • Success Stories
    • Setting Goals
    • Much, much more!
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