Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • EAP is an assessment/referral service provided to help you and your family members when you have problems which may be interfering with your everyday functioning.

    Marital*Financial*Depression*Alcohol/Drug Abuse*Wellness*Domestic Violence*Stress*Anxiety*Parent/Child*Sexual Abuse*Grief* Anger*Job*Legal*Divorce

    How do you reach EAP?


    (716) 854-1990 or 1-800-491-1990

    Fax (716) 855-2456

    77 Broadway, Suite 110, Buffalo, NY 14203

    email: eap@employeeresources.com

    website: employeeresources.com

    Confidentiality is the cornerstone of your EAP.

    Remember: Asking for help is a sign of courage...not a sign of weakness!