Rules and Expectations

  • Clinton Street Elementary

    Gymnasium Rules and Expectations


    •   Students must wear SNEAKERS ONLY when participating in P.E. Class. The following are not permissible: sandals, boat/water shoes, slip-ons, boots, flip flops, shoes, pumps, heels, spinners, etc.
    •  No jewelry allowed. This includes: hanging earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
    •   No food, gum, candy, drink (unless accompanied by a medical note) allowed in the gym at any time.
    •   All medical notes must be given to the school nurse prior to P.E. class. If the nurse isn’t available, please take the note to the office and they’ll place it in our mailbox. Please alert the P.E. teacher upon arrival of the note.
    •   Please walk when entering the gym.
    •  Alert the P.E. teacher immediately of any accidents, injuries or problems that may occur during class.
    •   Ask the teacher politely to use the bathroom in order for them to know of your whereabouts.
    •   Running into the walls is NOT permitted at any time. It could result into injury to you or other surrounding students.
    •  Don’t talk when the teacher is talking.
    •  Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    •   Follow directions.
    •   Be nice!
    •   Be safe!
    •   Always try your best!

      4TH Grade students ONLY: Students are asked to bring a change of clothes to school on Physical Education days in order to change from their school clothes into their “gym clothes”. They will do so in the locker room before and after class. Comfortable clothes are suggested. (Ex: shorts, t-shirts, jogging pants, sweat pants).

    •    It is recommended that students bring a sweatshirt in case we go outside on cooler days and a different set of sneakers in case of mud or wet grass.


    **  Failure to comply with any of the above rules/expectations may result in a partial “Time Out” or non-participation in the class. This will be at the discretion of the P.E. teacher(s).