All homework assignments will be written in your child's daily planner.  It will come home each night and it should be signed daily, along with signing all of the assignments as well.

1. Reading- When the reading notebook comes home on Monday, have  your child read the Words to Know and Spelling Words TO YOU.  They are responsible to know how to spell the highlighted words on that sheet.  Practice these words during the week for a spelling test on Friday.  There will also be a reading test given on Friday that will assess the skills learned throughout the week.  Spelling homework, and other reading assignments will also be found in this notebook.  Always read the daily planner to see what assignments are due each night.  Please SIGN the page and RETURN the notebook or paper to class the next day.

2. A Book or Story - Have your child read TO YOU.  Help with unknown words and praise often.  These books will have been read in class in most cases.  Assigning the book for homework allows your child to share the book with you and serves as extra reading practice.  RETURN the book to class the next day.

3. Math - Most math assignments can be found in a pink spiral bond workbook. Each nights assignment is a review of the  math lesson taught that day in class.  Some assignments may require adult assistance - in most cases the children should be able to complete these independently.   RETURN the workbook to class the next day.

Encourage your child to return all homework assignments promptly.