Link Between Home and School Second Grade

  • Agenda

    Your child has an agenda to communicate the homework for each day. I  will also include daily behavior on this page as needed.  Please sign your child’s agenda each night to strengthen the link between home and school.    



    There will be three pieces of homework each night, Reading and Math.  The math homework consists of a math paper each night.  The reading will be 20 minutes of your choice of a book from your child's book baggie the title of the book and parents signature on the agenda page that night.   Finally, when students are ready we will be doing word sort packets each week.  



    Each Monday your child will receive a Newsletter, this will contain all important information for the week.  Please read and use the newsletter to talk and study with your child.


    Finally …

    We are in this together!  WE have common goals – to make this a successful year for your child and to teach them the skills they will need in order to be successful next year and in life.  We need to teach them responsibility while providing them with guidance.  It is essential to have a strong home school connection.  I need your support at home to show your child that their education is valuable and must be taken seriously.  If you have ANY questions please contact me as soon as possible, your child’s success depends on both of us!