• Note:  If your child is unable to attend at his/her scheduled time please have them contact me to make arrangements to join in on another day that week.   



    DiCarlo’s Homeroom  12:00 PM on

    Modleski’s Homeroom 1:00 PM on…


    Angelina, Alia, Malina, Mazin, Yousif

    Fadwa, Ayaan, Seher Charlie, Gina


    Cameron, Vivian, Marcus, Mohamed H, Jacob J.

    Hailey, Carmen, Nicholas, Nadaliegh, Mohamed K


    A’kari, Mia, Brayden, Serena, Samantha

    Heaven, Chase, Johnce, Olivia,


    Austin, Diamond, Natalina, Joshua J, Kendall

    Joey, T.J., Faith, Amanda


    Mckenna, Claire, Jacob S. Amaya, Chad

    Lily, Finn, Dominick, Kylie

    I will post the link under Mr. DiCarlo's World Google Classroom page and send an email invite to your school account as well.  The link will be posted a few 5 mins. prior to our conference time.  Use dicarlo4  all lower case to access meetings.