Classroom Management System




    Each day, the students begin their day on the green "Ready to Learn" section.


    For good choices, students move up the chart and for poor choices they move down the chart.


    If a student makes a poor choice, they do have the option to turn their day around and move up the chart for further good choices.


    If a student ends the day on the red "Parent Contact" section, a letter will be sent home explaining what type of behavior led to this position on the chart.


    For those students that end their day on the purple "Super Student" section, they will put a sticker on our "Super Student Sticker Chart."  After 25 days of Super Student behavior, they will get to have lunch with the teacher in our classroom!


    If a student(s) exhibits exceptional behavior for the day, I will wear their clip on my shirt to show that their behavior was "OFF THE CHARTS!"




Clip Chart Behavior System