• Mindful Mondays

    Student Services is now offering Mindful Mondays for all students during their lunch or a study hall!  Students are able to take a break from their busy day and spend some time with our mindfulness activities.  

    We have coloring, puzzles, stress balls, kinetic sand, books, legos and are always adding new things to our center.

    Some days are busier than others, and spots do fill up, so we suggest students come down ahead of time to reserve their spot.


    What is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness means letting of of what has happened, or what might happen so that we can be open to what is happening RIGHT NOW.

    When we practice Mindfulness through reading or any other form, it's possible to create space in our minds for ideas, knowledge, inner wisdom, creativity, happiness, joy, peace, relaxation, inspiration, confidence, whatever we need, to come in and help us achieve our potential, whatever that may be.


    Apps for Mindfulness

    Calm App




    Smiling Mind