• Charles Dickens

    Case 5

    Girl writing Charles Dickins 

    ***This Case is very difficult and only strong readers and writers should attempt it.  You must have Mr. Ball's approval to complete this case.


    Read a "letter from Charles Dickens" located here.

    Translate the letter from Mr. Dickens into one a young person of today would understand.



    The art of letter writing was very important in the life of Dickens. He kept in touch with many famous authors as well as family and friends by writing frequent letters. Dickens' vocabulary was very large and rich. It comes from a time over 150 years ago and in England, not the USA.  This can make his writing a challenge to read and understand.


    By using your detective skills of deduction and the dictionary, translate (rewrite) the letter in your words. Be sure to include all the key information that "Mr. Dickens'" letter contains. Keep a list of the words you defined.


    This translation:

    • contains all the key information included in the original.
    • is in correct friendly letter form.
    These links may help you translate.

    Roget's Thesaurus

    Merriam- Webster Dictionary


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