• In our classroom we have daily instruction in math based on the ENVISIONS MATH PROGRAM!  It is a comprehensive math program based on the standards for Kindergarten in our state!  


    In our district, we start with Topic 14, 15. 16 then go back to Topic 1

    Topic 14 - Identifying and Describing Shapes

    Topic 15 - Position and Location of Shapes

    Topic 16 - Analyzing, Comparing, and Composing Shapes

    Topic 1 - One to Five

    Topic 2 - Comparing and Ordering 1-5

    Topic 3 - Six To Ten

    Topic 4 - Comparing and Ordering Numbers 0 To 10

    Topic 5 - Numbers To 20

    Topic 6 - Numbers To 100

    Topic 7 - Understanding Addition

    Topic 8 - Understanding Subtraction

    Topic 9 - More Addition and Subtraction

    Topic 10 - Numbers 11 To 19

    Topic 11 - Decomposing Numbers 11 To 19

    Topic 12 - Measurement

    Topic 13 - Sorting, Classifying, Counting and Categorizing Data


    Each Topic has corresponding tutorials and sometimes games.  I have supplied the link below.  You  will find your child’s username and password in their Moose Binder! 

    Another big focus in our math program is learning math facts!   In Kindergarten, we focus on all math facts up to 5.  I have included the Xtramath link below which will be challenging for your child at first.  I unfortunately cannot make it easier but I wanted you to have access to this site.  Again, you will find the link below and username and password will be in their Moose Binder,