English Language Arts




    We are thrilled to share our love of reading with your son/daughter.  We look forward to encouraging your children to embrace all forms of literature and to develop an appreciation for reading.  Homework will be to read 45 minutes almost every night.  Your child is expected to complete every assignment in pencil. 



    • Novel Studies

    • Guided Reading

    • Book Reports

    • SRA Reading Laboratory

    • Grammar Instruction

    • Word Study/Spelling


      In reading class we will focus on:

    • Continuing to develop fluent, independent readers through read-alouds and sustained silent reading

    • Developing active reading, comprehension and word attack strategies

    • Written response to literature

    • Compare and Contrast

    • Critical Thinking

    • Making Inferences/Drawing Conclusions

    • Personal connections to text

    • Poetic Devices (metaphor, simile, etc.)

          • Identification and analysis of a variety of literary elements including character, plot, setting, theme, point of view, and conflict

    • Self-monitoring strategies to build fluency and comprehension

    • Building confident readers who enjoy reading