• Charles Dickens/ Christmas Carol Project Support Page

    This page will contain links, information etc. that might assist with the Christmas Carol Project.  I will update it whenever I find new information to assist you.  If you find a website that is not listed, email it to me and I'll review and add it here for all to use.


    This is a brief video from YouTube about Charles Dickens'house.

    Here is another one you might find helpful.

    This video is excellent and gets into his background and his personality.  It's about 10 minutes long.

    This video is over 45 minutes long and is a bit more complicated but it tours all of the places that he lived and worked that are still around today.  Its the first of a two part series for British TV.

    This video is extremely interesting.  It tells how so much of what we think of at Christmas time was actually brought to us from Dickens story and how it completely changed the celebration of Christmas into what we know today.

    This video is excellent as it discusses and shows the reasonswhy Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in the first place.  It talks about the misery he saw and wanted to change through his books.  The video was done for British TV and isn't always the easiest to follow so you might want to have a grown up nearby to help explain some things.

    This is an absolutely cool video shot as if Charled Dickes had a modern day TV show of his own.  It tells the story of the way workhouses were run and what they were really all about.  It is very interesting and done in a very clever way.