Classroom Expectations

  •  Be Positive

    You are expected to maintain a positive attitude toward your classmates and school work.

    Remember that each day is a new opportunity for you to achieve something wonderful!

     Be Polite

    You are expected to treat others with respect and courtesy at all times. As a result, no one will ever make fun of, or put down, another student. Every idea has the potential of becoming a great idea! 

    You are expected to refrain from unnecessary talking or movement during class so that you do not interrupt the learning of others.

     Be a Participant

    You are expected to actively participate in every class session. 

    When working in groups, you are expected to perform your role and do your share of the work.

     Be Prepared

    You are expected to come to class prepared to learn. This means that you must have everything with you when you arrive, including homework assignments, projects, supplies, notes, and books.

    No one will be allowed to go to their locker during class, and you will lose points for class participation on days you are unprepared.

    If you are absent from class, you are responsible for getting the notes and assignments missed.

     Be Prompt

    You are expected to come to class on time. If you are late, you must have a pass from a teacher. Detention will be assigned upon your third late arrival without a pass.

    When class starts you should be seated at your desk and writing that day's homework in your planner.