Gender & Sexuality Alliance



    Gender & Sexuality Alliance

    We are a club for all students, whether you are an ally, identify as LGBTQIA+ or are still questioning.  We provide a place to feel accepted and to have fun.  If you think the world is better off when people are free to be true to themselves, this is a club for you.

    Advisor:  Michele Pava


     First Meeting:  September 20th in the LMC right after school.

    Anyone interested in joining GSA should email Mrs Pava ( to be added to the GSA Classroom


    Be sure to check the website for any changes and agendas!

    Upcoming Events:

    Mixer with West Senior

    Gender & Sexuality Alliance Conference

    Day of Silences

    Pride Parade

    Guest Speakers



    For more information about Gender & Sexuality Alliance, please use the link below:

    Gender & Sexuality Alliance Information