• WORDREFERENCE.COM: This is a wonderful and reliable site that you can use to look up vocabulary words. It has a Spanish-English and English-Spanish (as well as many other languages) dictionaries.  Just type the word in, choose what languages you are going to and from, and click "search" (or "buscar"). The word will pop right up! **Make sure to scan the page for the type of word you need (noun, adjective, adverb, verb).**


    TAKE-HOME TUTOR:  McDougal Littell provides a tutorial program that comes on a dual platform CDROM. It works on both Mac's and PC's. The extra practice and review it provides is excellent. It also provides practice at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Students can work on their listening comprehension skills by viewing videos and answering questions about them as well.  You would need to install the level 1 for CDROM for level 1, the level 2 En Español tutor for practice in Spanish 2 and 3 Regents. For Spanish 4 and 5, you would need the level 3 En Español tutor. Please have your child see me for a copy of the program.  Once it is installed, you do not need the disk to run the programs.  I have copies in my room which students can use here at school.  These programs are also available on loan in the school library.  


    CLASSZONE.COM: At this site students select world languages, then Spanish and finally the level book with which they are working.  (This button currently takes you directly to the purple level 3 book that is used in Spanish 4 and 5.  Just press the GO button when you see the purple book.) There they can select the current or previous Units and Etapas (chapters) of study.  After this step they can choose to work with flashcards where the current vocabulary is pronounced for them by a native speaker as many times as they like.  Please turn on your speakers because a native speaker says the words for the students as they look at the flashcards.  Or they can go into the student workbook where there are extra exercises for the topics covered in that Etapa. They can choose, just like in the Take-Home Tutor, to do activities at a beginning, intermediate or difficult level.  The activities are then graded immediately by the program, giving them instant feedback.


    DISCOVERING COLLECTION:  Username and passwords for this database are available in the  student's Power Pass or in the West Senior library. This database contains information about countries around the world.  It includes cultural, political, geographical, economic and just about anything you can think of in reference to other countries.  There are also links which lead you to newspaper and magazine articles in both English and Spanish. You can do searches by country or by topic. Some excellent resources for research in this database are the Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, the Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures, and Daily Life Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures.  This is a great site for extra practice quizzes by grammatical topic.