Español 4

  • This year's course will help you to master your skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening in Spanish. With today's emphasis on global interdependence and cultural awareness, students will further their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world and its people. 

    We will review vocabulary and grammar topics from levels 1-3. Most assessments will be performance-based, including many projects and presentations instead of traditional written tests. Practicing of the language will be done in pairs, small groups, with the whole group, and independently.

    The topics of study include: Alphabet & Pronunciation, Gestures of the Spanish-speaking world, Day of the Dead, Immigration, Piñatas, Artists of Mexico, Holidays & Traditions, and Photo Novels. Each unit will include new vocabulary, much spoken use of the target language, review games and activities, geography review, review of grammar as well as some advanced grammar topics, and a project and/or presentation as a culmination of each unit.

    At the end of the year, students are expected to pass a final local exam for course credit. Students who successfully complete level 4 are encouraged to continue onto Spanish 5 which offers college credit through our articulation agreement with Hilbert College.