Homework teaches children responsibility.  Through homework, children learn skills they must develop if they are to grow to be self-motivated, independent,  and successful adults.  How to follow directions, how to begin and complete a task, and how to manage time are some of the skills that homework promotes.   By encouraging your child to work on his or her own, you are helping develop these important life skills.

    Homework will be given each night to practice the skills and concepts we are learning in the classroom.   If you establish a positive attitude towards homework and maintain a routine, you child will experience greater success for years to come. 

    Children are expected to complete the homework by the due date.  Homework is to be turned in the morning that it is due, or they will receive a note home. Parents will be asked to sign the missing homework slip and be sure that the homework is completed for the next day.

             Tips For Homework Success!

    1.  Set Up a Study Area

    * Your child must have a place in which to work.  The study area must be well-lit, quiet, and have all necessary supplies.

    * Even if your child does most homework at another location after school, there still should be a place in the home in which he or she can study.

    * Whenever possible, keep the study area off limits to brothers and sisters during homework time.

    2.  Schedule Daily Homework Time

    * Help your child develop good homework habits by encouraging him or her to start home learning at the same time each day.  By scheduling a special time for home learning, you will not only help your child get work done on time, but you will also ensure that home learning is done at a time when your available to assist your child.

    * Remind your child each day when he or she is to do homework.

    * Select a time when you or another responsible adult will be available to assist your child.

    3. Give Praise for a job Well Done!

    * Children need encouragement and support from the people whose opinions they value the most, their parents. 

    * Your consistent praise can increase your child's self esteem and confidence.

    * Motivate him or her to do the best work possible, but remember to let your child do the work independently first.  Please look over the homework so you are aware of your child's learning progress.