Health 2

  • Health 2 in an elective course in which we will be examining current health issues and teaching students how health is essential for all people to become contributing members of society.  The curriculum is not set in stone and is open to added topics if students have good input and ideas. 

    Class Topics:

    1.      Campus Violence and Safety

    2.      Blue Zones

    3.      Current Trends of Drug Abuse in Society

    4.      Disease Prevention

    5.      Health Care Careers

    6.      Health Care Debate

    7.      Mock Trials –DWI/Hazing

    8.      Critical World Health Issues

    9.      Environmental Health Issues/Family Violence

    10.  Civil Rights/Violence

    11.  Advertising in America through the media

    12.  Family Health/Parenting Skills

    13.  Fad Diets

    14.  Legalization of Marijuana

    15. Concussions

    Class Rules:

    -          Be Respectful

    -          Be Prepared

    -          Try your best



    Projects                                   -35%

    Tests/Quizzes                          -30%

    Participation/Classwork            -25%

    Homework                                 -10%

    Total                                        100%

    Should you need a handout from class, please refer to this page and download whatever sheets you're missing.

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