Health 1

  • In Health 1 we continue to build from the foundation of health establish in middle schools.  Students should already have the basic knowledge of wellness, nutrition, physical activity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and reproduction.  We touch on those areas and go into greater detail but also start to incorporate stress management, communication skills, and disease prevention.  This course also gets into topics such as HIV/AIDS, contraceptives, addiction, and personal fitness plans.  

    Grades are comprised of:

    • participation
    • homework
    • quizzes
    • projects

    Projects are a fun way for me to see if students are grasping the main idea of the unit.  They are normally allowed to work with another partner and they have options available to them to make their project unique or to make it fit their "style of learning" better.  We often us multiple types of presentations including PowerPoint, Prezi, and posters.  This exposes students to multiple presentation media and having them present allows for students to have experience talking in front of the class.  


    Handouts, notesheets, and presentation material will be posted on this site so that if students are absent or lose their work, they can be responsible young adults and find their missing work on here.  

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