Physical Education/Health Education

  • "What good is a sound mind without a sound body?"
    In a time where fast food and technology are ruling the health of many of our youth, physical and health education has never been so important.  Our children are in an uphill battle trying to combat societal norms to be healthy.  For the first time ever, this generation has a lower life expectancy than the one before it.  66% of Americans are currently overweight or obese according to the CDC.  This results in a staggering number of people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Not only does this effect the cost of healthcare and takes a huge economic toll on our country, but it is greatly reducing the quality of life for the average American citizen. More and more kids are living sedentary lives as opposed to going out and playing.
    We are also seeing a social breakdown where students are lacking face to face communication skills.  They are so used to using technology to communicate, that when they are forced to speak, they have a great deal of discomfort.   
    Physical Education and Health Education courses are a way schools attempt to combat some of these issues.  By teaching life long activities and educating our students on healthy eating, disease prevention, fitness and mental health aspects, we can try to make a positive impact in the wellness of our students.  Games and activities that foster team work and communication can make a great social impact on students that you would have a hard time simulating in a traditional classroom setting.  
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