My Coaching

  • As a health teacher, I believe a HUGE part of having a healthy lifestyle includes living an active life.  Because of this, I've always been passionate about sports and athletics.  Not only do sports teach us to be active, but how to work as a team, communicate verbally and non verbally, how to win and lose gracefully and how to work hard to achieve a goal.  Sports make exercise fun and enjoyable and we should encourage our students to engage in athletics to help promote a healthier lifestyle they can carry on throughout life. 

    This year I am coaching JV Football and Basketball as well as Girls Varsity Lacrosse.  To find try out dates for each sport, check the school website.  Before you tryout, you must have the following paperwork turned in:

    * A physical turned into the school nurse (health appraisal form attached)

    * A physical update form for any physical that is over 30 days old at the time of the try out (available    in nurses office)

    * An emergency card, athletic care form and code of conduct card (available in nurses office)

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