Mr. Marinaro's History

  • For those of you who don't already know me, here's a little background.  I pride myself on being very friendly, outgoing and I have a pretty good sense of humor.  Most of my friends and students think I'm amusing and enjoy being around me.  I'm a teacher who enjoys being involved in the lives of my students both inside and outside of the classroom, so I take advantage of supporting my students at sporting events and fundraisers.  You may be curious as to my life outside of teaching and what I've done to get here!  If so, read on...

    I grew up in West Seneca and graduated from West Senior.  While going to school there, I participated in football, basketball and a little lacrosse.  I also was the pianist in the Jazz Band.  After high school, I went to Canisius College to pursue a Physical Education and Health Education degree.  I graduated in 4 years and was hired in West Seneca as a long term PE/Health sub my 1st year out of school. 

    Now I've found a full time home in West Seneca, teaching Health and PE.  I love being here and I feel I have a great job.  Teaching health to this age group is exciting and entertaining.  The students make me laugh everyday and make me feel blessed to be able to work here.

    Beyond teaching, I have a passion for sports and athletics.  I've coached football, basketball, lacrosse and bowling here at West and have enjoyed working to motivate and mold so many young athletes. 
West v East Faculty Basketball Game 2008