• The Living Environment – Regents Biology


    Instructor: Miss McDermid


    Daily Classroom Materials:

    Pen / Pencil      3-Ring Binder      Paper     Colored Pencils       Textbook      Term Notebook



    Unit Tests: 45%                        Quizzes: 15%               Labs:15%        

    Homework: 15%                      Projects: 10%



    1. Homework will likely be assigned each day that you have biology class.  This may include an assignment from the textbook, a lab write-up, a newspaper article summary, or preparing for a test or quiz.
    2. Homework deadlines are strictly enforced.  All homework is to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date.  If you fail to complete the required assignment, you can schedule Success Time for that day.  Half credit will be given to late homework if it is satisfactorily completed before 2:40 pm on the day it was due.
    3. Even if you struggle on tests, you can still be successful in this class if you put forth an effort in your homework and laboratory assignments.
    4. When enrolled in Regents courses, students are encouraged to look over new material on a nightly basis.  It is through frequent preparation and completion of homework assignments that you will achieve success throughout the year and on the final exam in June.
    5. Our textbooks are designed to reflect the content of the Living Environement Standards of NYS.  Therefore, you will be asked to read from the textbook at home and occasionally in class.  Research shows that those students who read in class are more likely to achieve success on the final exam.


    Laboratory Activities:

    1. Lab exercises are a New York State requirement.  If you fail to complete all of the lab activities, then you will not be permitted to take the final exam.  Do not allow yourself to fall behind with the labs.  It is your responsibility to turn in all assignments on time.
    2. Labs are to be turned in when due to receive full credit.  Labs that are not turned in on time will lose 10 percentage points per day.  For example, after 5 days, you can earn a maximum grade of 50%.  Labs turned in after five days will be given no credit; however, the lab still must be satisfactorily completed and turned in to meet the Regents lab requirement.
    3. All lab write-ups must be completed using a word processor.  You may choose to use a computer in school or a personal computer that you may have at home.  You will typically have 5 school days to turn in a lab write-up; therefore, there are no excuses for late labs.
    4. Laboratory write-ups must be retained by the school for six months.  In order to prevent the loss of any labs, all completed write-ups are to remain in your lab folder in the classroom.
    5. When performing an experiment, students are expected to follow all safety procedures.  Some of the laboratory exercises require students to require students to wear goggles.  Those who fail to follow directions will have to make-up the lab after school.



    1. Having a block schedule, it is imperative that you try to be present everyday.  By missing one day of school, you are missing 80 minutes of each individual class.  It may be overwhelming to make-up so much schoolwork.
    2. Absence on the day an assignment is given or turned in does not excuse you from completing the work.  You must take the responsibility to make-up all missed work.
    3. If you are absent on your lab day, you must stay after school to complete the experiment.
    4. If you are absent for an extended time, please make arrangements to pick up any notes or assignments that were distributed in class.  Arrangements can be made by leaving Miss McDermid a voice mail at 677-3801, extension 4326.


    Classroom Expectations:    Act in a responsible and mature manner.

    1. Strive for success
      1. Keep yourself organized.  Use your daily planner to record all assignments and keep your notebook in order
      2. Hand in homework and laboratory assignments on time.
      3. Study for tests and quizzes.      
      4. Schedule Success Time with Miss McDermid for extra help.
    2. Respect your teachers and fellow students.
      1. Treat others as you would like to be treated and listen while others are speaking.
    3. Come prepared and on time.  You must bring required materials to class.
    4. Stay in your seat until the bell rings.  Do not line up at the door.
    5. Follow all directions and safety procedures in the laboratory.
    6. Stay focused and on task when working within a group.  Share responsibility.


    Please return to Miss McDermid at West Senior High


    I have read and understand the requirements for Living Environment.


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    If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Miss McDermid at 677-3801 extension 4326.