Anatomy and Physiology

  • Anatomy and Physiology


    Instructor: Ms. McDermid


    Daily Classroom Materials:

    Pen / Pencil       Binder    Paper     Colored Pencils   


    Grading (subject to change):

    Tests: 25%    Quizzes: 15%  Projects: 20% Labs: 20% Homework: 20%



         Having a block schedule, it is imperative that you try to be present everyday.  By missing one day of school, you are missing 80 minutes of each individual class.  It may be overwhelming to make-up so much schoolwork.

         Absence on the day an assignment is given or turned in does not excuse you from completing the work.  You must take the responsibility to make-up all missed work. If you are doing a project your absence may affect the groups’ grade.

    If you are absent for an extended time, please make arrangements to pick up any notes or assignments that were distributed in class by emailing or leaving a voice mail at 677-3801, extension 4326.


    Classroom Expectations: Act in a responsible and mature manner.

        Strive for success

        Keep yourself organized.  Use your daily planner to record all assignments and keep your notebook in order

        Hand in homework and laboratory assignments on time.

        Study for tests and quizzes.

        Schedule Success Time with Miss McDermid for extra help.

        Respect your teachers and fellow students.

        Treat others as you would like to be treated and listen while others are speaking.

        Come prepared and on time.  You must bring required materials to class.

        Stay in your seat until the bell rings.  Do not line up at the door.

        Follow all directions and safety procedures in the laboratory.

        Stay focused and on task when working within a group.  Share responsibility.