Academic Policy

  • Statement of Purpose:
    Participation in extracurricular activities is an important corollary to a well-rounded educational experience. It is the intent of this policy to promote strong academic preparation through structured after school study opportunities.

    Definition of Extracurricular:  Extracurricular activities include any school function NOT grade dependent e.g...athletics, intramurals, school musicals, marching band and all club/group meetings, activities, tryouts and performances held before or after school.


    1. The eligibility standard will apply to students in grades 9-12.

    2. Students are ineligible to participate if they are failing at least two subjects as reported on a five-week grade list AND do not participate in the prescribed study activities. (see below).

    3. Activity advisors and coaches will be required to review the list and determine whether students are participating in the required study activities.

    4. Students who are failing one course will be encouraged by their coach/advisor to attend the study table.

    5. Any student may appeal to the Academic Eligibility Committee comprised of an administrator, school counselor, and a teacher. Such an appeal must be made in writing to the guidance counselor.


    A study table will be available for those wishing to continue their eligibility. Study table will be held Monday through Thursday, from 2:05 pm to 3:15 pm. Attendance will be mandatory on two of the four days. Absences from school on a scheduled day must be made up. Individuals may sign out of study table to obtain direct help from a teacher, but must return if released prior to 3:15 pm. If, after the second five weeks, the student continues to fail one course, he/she will be required to continue study table attendance for two days/week. If the student is failing at least two course after the second five weeks, he/she will have their study table requirement increased to four days per week.

    During any given week, failure to attend two study sessions will result in exclusion from the study table and will render the student ineligible for the remainder of the five-week period. Lack of effort and inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated during study table.

    No student will be diminished in standing on his/her team or activity because of attendance at the required study session.