Studio in Art

  • Course Description:

    Studio in Art is an introductory, 40-week art class (which meets the New York State requirement of one unit of study in the arts) designed to provide students with the basic knowledge of the visual arts. Students will gain and apply an understanding of the elements and principles of design, develop solutions to visual problems, explore cultural and historical art movements, artists and artworks, acquire technical and conceptual skills required to critique works of art, and increase level of art appreciation. Studio in Art will provide a survey of the methods and techniques used to create a broad variety of artworks. This course will be taught in accordance with the New York State Standards for the Arts and takes the following DBAE (Discipline-Based Art Education) approach to learning:

    • Art Production: Be able to create works of art using different mediums (art materials)
    • Art History: Be able to identify different artists, cultures, and historical periods
    • Art Criticism: Know how to describe, analyze, interpret, and judge works of art
    • Aesthetics: Understand how people justify judgment about art objects