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  • West Seneca West English III

    Mrs. Carlone & Mrs. Hill – Room 232

    A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. 

    You live several lives while reading it.  ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958


    Welcome to English III, a course designed to assess and expand your abilities in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  At the conclusion of this course, you will sit for the Common Core Regents Examination in English and must pass it in order to receive credit for graduation.  It is a one-day exam comprised of multiple-choice reading comprehension questions, an essay requiring you to prove an evidence-based claim using information from multiple sources, and a 2-3 paragraph written response analyzing how the author uses a writing strategy to develop a central idea.


    Books We Will Read/Films We Will Discuss:

    The Five People You Meet in Heaven

    The Crucible

    To Kill a Mockingbird


    The Stranger

    The Shawshank Redemption


    Student-chosen texts

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    Silent Sustained Reading (SSR)

    All English classes in grades 9-12 will appropriate class time for independent reading of student-selected materials.  Therefore, it is our expectation that you will bring something that is teacher approved with you to read every class.  We will notify you of our start date and the expectation for your reading assignment.

    Some facts on literacy in America:

    It is estimated that the cost of illiteracy to business and the taxpayer is $20 billion per year.  (United Way, "Illiteracy: A National Crisis")

    U.S. adults ranked 12th among 20 high income countries in composite (document, prose, and quantitative) literacy.  (Educational Testing Service)

    To participate fully in society and the workplace in 2020, citizens will need powerful literacy abilities that until now have been achieved by only a small percentage of the population. (National Council on Teachers of English Standards for the English Language Arts)

    Students who reported having all four types of reading materials (books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias) in their home scored, on average, higher than those who reporter having fewer reading materials.  (The Nation's Report Card: Fourth-Grade Reading, The National Center for Education Statistics)

    Summer Reading:

    Summer reading lists and corresponding assignments are posted on the West Senior webpage (left hand side under “Summer Reading”).  Information on this was mailed home during the summer.  Your assignment is due next class and will be given 10 extra credit points for being completed on time.  Any assignments turned in after that date will be given a 10-point deduction.  No assignments will be accepted after Friday, September 30.


    How Students Will Be Assessed:

    Major assessments – 50%

    Significant assessments – 40%

    Other assignments – 10%

    Cumulative assessments (typically at the end of a unit) will be weighted more heavily.

    Four quarters + exam grade = grade for the course

    -           This year you will take the Common Core Regents Examination (graduation requirement)

    Homework Expectations:

    -          Assignments will be complete and on time

    -          Late points will be assessed daily after the due date

    -          Students will be notified of a final due date after which the assignment will no longer be accepted for any credit at all.

    -          If a student is absent when an assignment is given he/she will be given one additional class period by which to complete the assignment.  Materials will be placed in the absent from class folder with his/her name on it.  It is your responsibility to check that folder when you have been absent and turn in work in a timely manner.

    -          Please take advantage of the opportunity to come after school to make up work and/or get help when needed.  We are available until 2:40 unless meetings are scheduled (and oftentimes later if necessary).

    - will be used for homework reminders.  Students AND parents may sign up for this service. 

    o   If you don’t have a smartphone, text this message @k29ag3 to this number 81010 or (716) 712-5114.

    o   If you have a smartphone, open the following link:  Follow the instructions to sign up.  You will be prompted to download the mobile app.

    o   If you don’t have a mobile phone, go to on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.


    -          Open House - Wednesday, September 6, 2016

    -       Parent – Teacher Conferences:  December 6, 2016


    **Literacy Activities (as well as extra credit opportunities):

    West Horizons newspapers:  publications provide information on school activities as well as teen issues and interests

    Writer’s Block literary magazine:  published in April during our poetry month celebration – a collection of original pieces written by West students

    Teen Book Fest:  national young adult authors speak about their books and careers in Rochester, NY in May

    Literary Bites:  book talks in the library with Ms. Knaze

    School Musical:  attend and evaluate an actor’s performance

    ** If available


    Online Resources: (archived examinations) (information regarding SAT, ACT, and AP examinations)


    Contact Info:

    You can reach us at:

    677-3801, ext. 4314 or

    677-3801, ext. 4300 or

    We will strive to create a positive supportive learning environment and educational experience for all students and pledge to respect each of our students as a unique person, not a test score.   We look forward to and anticipate an enlightening, enjoyable, and productive year!  ~ Mrs. Hill & Mrs. Carlone