• In kindergarten, we spend a lot of time exploring the basics of music.  We sing, move, and play instruments. Developing a love and appreciation for music is a large focus, and we learn all kinds of songs to help us enjoy making music. 

    Often, music can help a child remember lessons he/she is learning in the general classroom.  I try to incorporate a variety of songs that are based on the main unit of study in the classroom.  This reinforces the classroom concepts, and provides the children with a fun way of reviewing. 

    At the end of the year, the kindergarten classes will be showcased in their Kindergarten Celebration.  This production, celebrating all of the successes the children have had over the school year, is full of music created by the students.  It's a big performance, and we work very hard to make it a great one!  

    "Music is what feelings sound like." -Anonymous