• Members:

    Jeanne Skotnicki (Co-Chair)

    Trisha Patronik (Co-chair) 

    Jay Brinker(Principal)

    Judy Raab (Science)

    Jason Barone (Social Studies)

    Jackie Pawelczak (LOTE)

    Jason Bulas (Technology)

    Brian DeGlopper (Art)

    Nora Murnane (Music)

    Rio Harden (Business)

    Pam Fowler (Math)

    Rose Fleming (Special Education)

    Jodi Smith(Student Services)

    Trisha Walsh (Student Services)

    Daniel Cantafio (Student)

    Katelyn Dyson (Student)

    Danielle Gundel  (Parent Member)

    Focus Areas

    Monitor and examine strategies to improve student achievement.

    Share information from school initiatives under the CDEP umbrella

    Initiate and implement, with all resources available, programs to assist students to successfully meet NYS standards.


    Former SDMT Initiatives:


    • Success Time
    • Anti-Bullying Program
    • Service Awards
    • Block Scheduling
    • Academic Eligibility Policy
    • Report Card Comment Revisions
    • Write to Learn
    • Information Technology Goals
    • Transition from Middle School
    • Flex Day
    • Subcommittee Operational Policy
    • Professional Communication Guidelines
    • Model of Consensus
    • Book Bag Policy
    • Facilities Improvement Committee
    • Bulletin Board Policy
    • School Quality Review Initiative
    • Teacher-to-Teacher Visitations
    • Visitors' Assistance Signs
    • Post-Graduate Survey
    • Get Involved Week
    • Formed Academic Support Committee
    • Block 5
    • Building Wide Vocabulary Initiative
    • FSMP and West Reads
    • Bag Guideline for classrooms
    • Open House 2013
    • Peer Tutoring
    • Success Time 2015
    • Open House 2016-17


    Upcoming Meeting Dates:








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