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    Computer Courses:

    Advanced Computer Applications. The course will explore advanced word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing and multimedia technologies. Hardware including scanners and digital cameras will be used with the Microsoft Office Suite to design professional, integrated documents and presentations. Keyboarding and Computer Applications is a prerequisite for this course.


    Business Computer Applications. Semester course designed to acquaint students with word processing, database and spreadsheet applications utilized in personal and professional settings. In order for students to compete in the business world, they must be computer literate. This course is recommended for all students.


    Computer Keyboarding. Semester course designed to develop touch keyboarding skills. Word processing applications (reports with footnotes and bibliographies, personal and business letters) will be taught. All students will benefit by enrolling in this course.


    Corporate Media Presentations/Business and Education Employability Portfolio (CMP/BEEP). This hands-on course will introduce students to the application of multimedia technology in the workplace. The students will explore evolving technologies including electronic presentations, internet exploration, and desktop publishing. The Business and Education Employability Portfolio, an electronic portfolio, will be compiled highlighting the student's exemplary work and extracurricular activities during high school.


    Internet and Web Page Design. Semester course will help students gain a general understanding of the history of the internet, protocols, browsers, e-mail, HTML language and web page design. Students will plan, design and create their own personal web pages. Features including animation, marquees, video clips and sound clips will also be covered.


    Keyboarding and Computer Applications. This course places initial emphasis on touch keyboarding skills and the understanding of computer basics. Concentration will be in word processing and students will be introduced to spreadsheet and database applications. A review of ELA skills will enhance student proficiency for personal success as well as that for the future job market.



    Additional Offerings:

    Accounting. This accounting course provides a thorough background in the basic accounting procedures used to operate a business. Recommended for students considering a college major in business or to those with an interest in accounting.


    Corporate Communications. Semester course designed to assist students in understanding the importance of communicating in business, industry and education. Basic skills in English mechanics, writing and speaking will be reviewed. Listening and telephone skills will be taught.


    Business and Personal Law. A relevant course for all students to become familiar with legal rights and obligations that govern us all! Various topics for discussion include the basics of law, contract law, consumer law, agency and employment, business organizations, property law, and wills and trusts. Can be used toward a 5 unit sequence in Social Studies.


    Entrepreneurship. This course was designed to introduce students to the role that entrepreneurship and small business play in our economic system. An in-depth study of the various steps involved in starting a new business and the financial, legal and government aspects critical to a successful small business will be covered.


    Financial Planning. Semester course that introduces the financial planning process and components of a personal comprehensive financial plan. Essential for any student who "likes" money!


    Career and Financial Management. An awesome course that allows students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, explore careers, develop an individual career plan, learn employment trends, discover sources of job leads, learn job interviewing techniques and workplace ethics. Students will also study banking, credit, insurance, and taxes. A vital course for all students!


    Sports Marketing. Hands-on course which includes sales presentations, designing newspaper advertisements, preparing radio and television commercials, designing visual merchandise displays and an introduction to Sports Marketing through a hockey-team ownership simulation. Participation in DECA is recommended.


    Finance Academy Offerings

    10th Grade

    • Keyboarding and Computer Applications
    • Career and Financial Management

    11th Grade

    • Economics
    • College Accounting
    • CMP-Beep

    12 th Grade

    • Financial Planning
    • Banking and Credit

    Academy of Information Technology

    10th Grade

    • Introduction to IT/Computer Applications
    • Career and Financial Applications

    11th Grade

    • Logic for Programming
    • Digital Media/Beep
    • Database Management
    • Internet and Web Page Design

    12th Grade

    • Systems Support/Networking
    • Advanced Web Page Design


    To apply to an academy, see your guidance counselor or Business teacher during your freshman year.










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