• Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year
    We appreciate you becoming a Captain.  
    All information will be found on this site.  
    All captains should be signed up for remind.  If you have not signed up, see the document on this page.
    First Look
    1st Monday of every month is our "First Look" session in the LMC.  These are mandatory sessions.  If you are going to be absent you must see Mrs. Ocasio (302) Mrs. Page (Stu. Srv) Mrs. Osinski (204) Mrs. Green (319)
    At First Look we run through the lesson for the month. You will collect all supplies and bring them back to your team room.  Any supplies that need to be cut out or coordinated must be done PRIOR to the day of the lesson.
    Talking Points
    Each month we will supply you with talking points that will help you when you are facilitating the lesson.  You will be given copies at "First Look".  If you are absent from school and could not attend the meeting you can print copies from the Talking Points section.

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