First Grade Homework

  • Your child has a homework binder.  It will go home every night and needs to be returned each day.   The homework binder will not change throughout the year.


    Book Baggy Pocket: First graders strengthen their reading by reading every night.  Please have your child read the book in the Book Baggy Pocket.


    Fluency & Sight Words: In the Book Baggy Pocket, your child will also have their Fluency & Sight Word booklet.    Each booklet has 10 lessons.  Your child will have one lesson each week.  Please have your child read the sight words and fluency phrases for their lesson of the week.  You may initial each night.

    Math: A math journal will be kept in the binder.  Please complete the front and back of the math lesson nightly.


    Agenda:  Students will be writing in their agenda each night.  They will be writing their homework along and any behavior incidents that occurred.  Please initial the Agenda each night.