Computer Graphics II

  • Computer Graphics II

    Course Description

                Computer Graphics II is an elective course for students who have already successfully completed Computer Graphics.  It is a half-year course, which carries ½ a credit.  The course is an advanced computer class using the computer and its software applications as an art tool.  This course will challenge students to solve computer tasks creatively.

    Goals and Objectives

    • Evaluate and interpret works of digital art.
    • Successfully use the computer as an art tool.
    • Successfully manipulate computer programs to create artworks

    Class Participation

                Each student will be assigned a computer to be used in class. Each student is expected to work for a full class block on his or her projects/ assignments.  Handouts will be given and expected to be kept in the student folder.  Assignments will be assigned and is expected to be turned in on time and complete.


    Assessment Criteria

                Projects are graded using rubrics and reflections.  All quizzes and assignments/projects account for 80% of the final grade.  The final exam will account for 20%.

    * Grades will be updated by the end of each week. Please check the parent portal to view your child’s progress.

    Supply List 

    Folder for handouts



Arms painting a computer using a keyboard as an easel