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  • Welcome to English 1

    Extra Credit Book Blogs

    Blogging Rules:

    If you respond to someone else's blog about a book, that's great! I encourage thoughtful discussions about the books you're reading.  HOWEVER:

    a) You may disagree with him/her, but you need to present your ideas in a positive, not condescending manner.  Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions.

    b) The content of your blogs must not offend readers.  Be cautious when posting about a book that some might be more sensitive about.

    c) You may NOT give away endings!!!  The purpose of the blog is to intrigue people about your chosen book, not ruin it for them!

      Blogging Prompts:  Be sure to state the book title and author!
      1.  Write a brief posting about the book you're reading to motivate other
    people who share your interests to read the same book.

      2.  Post your response to either the "Life Lesson" or the "Quotation" part
    of the CHOICE section of the free read response assignment.  Use specific details to
    explain the lesson the book taught you or to further explain the quotation you chose.

    3.  Use your book to respond to one of the following quotations:

    "A real hero is always a hero by mistake."  Umberto Eco

    "Reading makes immigrants of us all.  It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere."  Jean Rhys

    **You are allowed to complete ONE extra credit prompt per section you read
    However, if you feel like sharing or responding to someone else's post feel free
    to do so, but be sure to follow the Blogging Rules listed above.